I am the Sarofim Family Career Development Associate Professor of Work and Organizations at MIT Sloan School of Management, researching wage and earnings inequality, economic sociology and the sociology of labor. I am affiliated with the Institute for Work and Employment Research and the Economic Sociology program.

I study how organizations and social relations affect wage inequality and earnings growth. Rising earnings inequality since the 1970s has come mostly from growing wage differences between different companies, not between co-workers. Drawing on economic sociology, I provide new evidence on the distributional effects of changes in pay practices, organizational boundaries, labor unions, and task allocation.

My research appears in Administrative Science Quarterly, American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology and Social Forces. It has been covered in media outlets including Washington Post, BBC, Nature: Human Behavior, Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, The Hill, The Boston Globe, NBC News, Financial Times, and CNBC.

Nathan Wilmers
Associate Professor of Work and Organizations, MIT Sloan
E62-338, Cambridge, MA 02142