Data and code for “Wage Stagnation and the Decline of Standardized Pay Rates, 1974-1991” here.

Data and code for “Values and Inequality: How Pro-social Pay Discounts Offset the College Pay Premium” here. The job postings data are proprietary, but researchers can inquire for access to Burning Glass Technologies.

Data and code for “How Internal Hiring Affects Occupational Stratification” here.

Code for “Consolidated Advantage: New Organizational Dynamics of Wage Inequality” here. The Occupational Employment Statistics microdata is available at the Bureau of Labor Statistics for restricted-use access.

Data, code and detailed audit implementation procedures discussion for “Blacklist or Short list: Do Employers Discriminate Against Union Supporter Job Applicants?” here.

Data for the Employer Expenditures for Employee Compensation, 1968-1977, along with reproduction code for “Solidarity Within and Across Workplaces: How Cross-Workplace Coordination Affects Earnings Inequality” here.

Reproduction code and clean Office of Labor-Management Standards union disclosures data for “Job Turf and Variety: Task Structure as a Source of Organizational Inequality” here.

Nathan Wilmers
Associate Professor of Work and Organizations, MIT Sloan
E62-338, Cambridge, MA 02142